Different cultures

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China Forum Web China Forum is a forum of Nifty Serve managed by Chinese and chinaphilic Japanese in Japan. Information of the Forum and China are presented in this Web.

THE LION'S DEN! Chinese Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese performance that is called "Shishi-Mai" in Japan. Many photos and links are presented in this page regarding to Chinese Lion Dance.

China Today, Culture and Ethnics Brief explanation of the ethnic groups in China. Their population size, spoken and written languages and national regional autonomy are introduced. I like the picture of a child :-)

China Room - China the Beautiful General information of Chinese clutures, including paintings, novels, calligraphy, poetry, history, etc.


<IMG SRC="images/furin.gif"> Fu-rin is a Japanese traditional wind-bell. We enjoy the feeling of cool hearing the sound of Fu-rin. If you cannot hear the sound, get Shockwave, please!

Explore JAPAN ! Japanese culture Links Guide, beautiful ORIGAMI iamges, information of JUDO and the books of Japnese culture. The nice Web page of Haruyo Ohno, a nice female translator and interpreter!